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Why did I decide to become a product manager?

Harsh Soni
2 min readJul 15, 2020

Well, being a software engineer in a fast growing digital world is great. Software engineers are always in demand, because the companies try to digitize themselves as per the market requirement and growth. We, as humans, want everything to work quickly, fast processes, save times and do multiple things simultaneously. On top of that, the software engineer profession became popular in the last years.


This blog is not about how to become a good product manager or product manager’s required skills. But this is about my personal thinking and motivation to become a product manager after working as a software engineer for some years.

My name is Harsh and I am working as a full stack developer and decided to become a product manager. Why? Well, after working as a software engineer, I have learned many new technologies and solved the problems via coding for the end users. At the same time I was so curious to know about how the end users benefited from the product which I have coded. Then I used our product on production and I was so proud that many people used this product. That moment led me to think more about how the end users see the product and solve their problems.

From there on, I have talked with some product managers and asked about the daily business of them. I got a brief understanding of the working flow of a product manager and an advice to read a lot. Following I started to read books and articles about the product managers work and importance in a company. That reading clicked me to do more reading and consequently I decided to become a product manager.

Read a book

Checkout my other blog about how I learned the skills of a product manager. And comment below if you are interested to know which book and articles I read that helped me to become a product manager.

Till next time, stay curious, stay motivated and stay connected.